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  • Jan 26, 2007

    50°48′N More angle about Napoli



    More angle about MSC Napoli  纳波利号

    someshipy is sinking.

    Napoli is carrying nearly 2,400 containers, some of which contain potentially dangerous chemicals,some of whick contain BMW,beer and shoes.

    somebody is exploiting;


    somebirdy is drinking oil;

    More than 1,000 birds, mostly guillemots, but also razor bills, kittiwake and shag, have been affected by 200 tons of oil which leaked from the 62,000 ton ship at the weekend. Wildlife teams feared many more could appear on the beaches while others might not have made the shore.

    "There's just got to be better approaches to shipping management. More than 10 years on from the 1994 Lord Donaldson Enquiry following the Braer disaster and we're still waiting for those 'Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas'."